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Pro-7b 1200 Generator

incl. Battery, Std. Charger and Synchro Cable

Battery operated, asymmetrical, two flash sockets, 1200Ws.

The battery operated Pro-7b is designed for the photographer who works on location and it makes the Pro-7 family complete.
Main features are: Short flash duration 1/3.000-1/1.400 sec., fast recycling 0,09-2,8 sec. and a 7 stop power range in 1/6 adjustments. The energy can be symmetrically or asymmetrically (50/25%) distributed through one or two heads. The modelling lamp (100W) is automatically turned off after a given time set by the photographer to prevent unwanted discharge of the quick-exchangeable battery.
The ProHead and the former Pro-7 heads fit which simplifies the work using different generators within the Pro-7 family. Additionally, there is a very small, lightweight flash head especially designed for the Pro-7b.
Max. 250 flashes/1200Ws, 500 flashes/600Ws, 1000 flashes/300Ws etc. per charge. Empty battery is charged in 5h with standard charger, or with a special charger directly from an auto-mobile cigarette lighter (12V/24V) while driving. A Universal Power Adapter for continous use in the studio and fast charging (2,5h) via mains or 12/24V is also available.
Size: 23x24x17cm, Weight: 12kg (incl. battery)

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