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Pro-7s 2400 Generator

incl. Power and Synchro Cable

Symmetric, fast and simple, two flash sockets

Main features are: short flash duration 1/5.300-1/1.600 sec., fast recycling 0,12-1,5 sec. and an outstanding user-friendly design for highest ease of use. Thanks to itエs unique design, featuring capacitor rotation, the Pro-7s can withstand situations with a very high level of stress, such as motor-driven camera photography where long sequences consisting of many flashes occur at low energy and with rapid recycling. The Pro-7s is designed to be used with a single flash head, but itエs energy can be symmetrically distributed between two flash heads. Power range is 6 f-stops in 1/6 steps. The new Pro-7 twin can additionally shorten the flash duration to allow the freezing of extremely raid motion. Auto multi-voltage 90-260V/50-60Hz. Size: 24x35x17cm, Weight: 10,5kg

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